Easy Start Self Sterilizing Anti-Colic Baby Bottle Pack of 3 (3 x 260 ml)


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Our Easy Start Self Sterilising Anti-Colic Bottle with size 2 teats is the ideal baby bottle for infants, specially designed to minimise colic symptoms by reducing the amount of air swallowed while feeding. The vented base prevents the formation of air bubbles and foaming liquid, allowing for a smooth flow that keeps babies calm and relaxed.

  • Anti-Colic: MAM anti-colic baby bottle for a baby boy or baby girl provides a smooth drinking flow that prevents your baby from swallowing air, resulting in less colic
  • Self Sterilising: No need for a separate bottle sterilizer as the MAM bottle set self-sterilizes in 3 easy steps, ensuring simple and safe bottle cleaning anywhere
  • Medium-Flow Teat: The MAM size 2 teats are a perfect fit for babies from 2 months + featuring Skin Soft technology designed to feel just like a mother’s skin
  • BPS/BPA Free: MAM baby bottles are 100% BPS & BPA-Free, making them baby essentials, ideal for breast milk storage and feeding. The material is odorless and tasteless
  • Product Details: MAM Easy Start Self Sterilising Anti-Colic Bottle Pack of 3 (3x260ml), Baby Bottle, Colour: Blue (Designs May Vary)
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