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My Carry Potty is the only potty your toddler will ever need. With a unique carry handle, I can be used at home and outdoors, take me everywhere you go. Introducing consistency to your little ones from the start is essential for successful potty training.

  • HOME AND TRAVEL POTTY: provides consistent potty training for a child to use on the go and at home to help routine. The easy portable potty that kids can take to nursery, on holiday and for days out. An extra tall splashgaurd, makes it suitable for both boys and girls.
  • KIDS LOVE IT: The cute characters and pastel coloured potty, has a unique handle which encourages little ones to take it wherever they go! Your toddler will fall in love with it, making potty training simple and stress free for both parents and children!
  • HYGIENIC: Easy to clean. The only potty with a leakproof seal, so there’s never any mess. Just empty and wipe clean. Bag free, so no need to worry about disposing of plastic bags. Simple and better for the environment. Just click shut and empty when convenient.
  • COMFORTABLE POTTY: large comfy seat and non slip feet give comfort and security to encourage toddlers to use it. Children that feel safe and comfortable are more likely to use the potty, encouraging a good toilet training routine.
  • EXPERT EDUCATIONAL DESIGN: Multi international award winning potty designed by Amanda Jenner, the UK’s potty training expert and author of potty training books. A regular gold winner of the Mother and Baby awards in the potty training category.
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